Personal Branding

When it comes to achieving career success, you are your own secret weapon. In many ways, entrepreneurs ARE their company. You’ve got what no other business has: you. Which is why IANDB’s Personal Branding consulting service focuses on articulating what it is that makes you, your brand, exceptional. In order to take their brands to even greater success, need to be able to communicate the values which distinguish their business from any other. We’re here to help you do that.

Developing a personal brand is similar to product branding. The overall goal with branding is to differentiate yourself (the product) in the market so you can attain your objectives, be those landing your dream job or becoming a famous singer.
While it is true that your personal appearance and the impression you have on those around you are both important, the reality is that personal branding is all about the details. Beware of these three “little things” that many business owners get wrong.
Think about the last time you updated your Facebook status. You probably edited that snippet of text a dozen times to get every word just right. And then, right before you posted it—cursor hovering over the Share button—you likely considered how your friends were going to react.

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